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9 sources of minority language reading resources

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When the target language is perceived as low value (for a number of reasons such as there being a small community of that minority language in one’s country of residence) it can be hard to find resources in that target language.

6 suggestions of how to source reading material in the minority language

  1. Ask friends and family to send books. Offer to pay for it and show your gratitude with a nice thank you treat.
  2. Bring resources back when you visit the home country. Fill your luggage with it! It will be hands down your most precious cargo. If necessary, post a parcel to yourself.
  3. Ask family and friends to give books or games as presents on birthdays and Christmas. I usually ask close family and friends to hand down any books and games in the minority language their children don’t need anymore.
  4. Check if your local library carries in minority language books. If they don’t, you may be able to order from other libraries in their consortium.
  5. Look at the languages section of your local bookshop. You might be surprised! If you can’t see anything – ask. They may be able to order them for you
  6. Google or search Amazon for books in the minority language.
  7. Order online. Many publishers and large bookshops will send books abroad
  8. Playgroups of the minority language often have a small library of books to borrow
  9. If none of the above is an option, why not create a Swap or Buy and Sell community for families in your town?

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