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We’re spoilt for choice with English language apps for children, but I could find very little of quality in Portuguese, especially European Portuguese. I searched far and wide, downloaded tens of apps only to find that they were no good. I let go of anything that was not well executed, that had adverts or no child lock for in-app purchases.

The apps below are available in European Portuguese unless otherwise specified, as well as other languages. Languages usually can be changed in the settings of the games.

Do you know excellent resources in Portuguese or in other languages you’d like to share? Please email mothertonguenotes(a), with details, including why you think it’s a good resource.

Maths age 3-5, Maths Practice age 3-5, Maths age 4-6 by OneBillion

OneBillion is a non profit organisation that uses the proceeds of the apps to help deliver education to children in Malawi.

The apps are very well designed and engaging for children, based on independent, evidence-based research. It’s available in over 30 languages (see below for a list) so children can learn maths AND another language at the same time. This is one of my all time favourite apps for children. OneBillion Maths Apps – available target languages in this table provided by the developers in January 2018. There is an update due soon, including languages being added.

The apps are free to install with more modules available to purchase. I don’t usually pay for apps unless they are really good, and this one is. It’s available on Android and iOS

Maths, age 3-5 is available in both European and Brazilian Portuguese, whereas Maths age 4-6 is currently only available in Brazilian Portuguese for the first 12 topics.

Maths Practice, age 3-5 covers revision topics for the Maths, age 3-5 app. These 3 apps are the most recent, with the most new and engaging content available. These apps are compatible with newer versions of Android and iOS, unlike a few of our older apps which may still be on the App Store.


Balloon Pop! (android).  Search “appfamily” in the App Store

A very basic balloon popping game for ages 5 and under. You can choose to pop balloons with letters, numbers 1-20 or colours. When you pop the balloon pops, it says its letter, number or colour in the target language. Languages available: Spanish, German, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian, Russian, Swedish and Dutch

There are no adverts but on the homepage of the game there is a button to get more games and it’s very easy for a children to download one of their many games. I would keep a close eye on that one.


More apps to be added soon.


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