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It’s my birthday! Here’s my gift wish list…

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Yep, it’s my birthday sometime this month and I’ll be turning 40 something. People ask me all the time what I want for my birthday. So, here you go… my wish list:

Wellbeing & Pampering

I’m north of 40 years old and I have two small children. It’s fair to say, I need a break. So a spa weekend retreat would go down a treat.

Once a upon a time, a long long time ago when children were not on the horizon, I forked out for Shiseido products. They are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Someone recently let me use theirs and it was like I was in a Disney film, seeing myself transformed right there in front of the mirror. I turned from an old witch into an innocent looking young lass. I have since settled for Clarins which is not too bad, but really, Shiseido makes me feel a million dollars.

I would love the gift if overnight fitness. Apparently science has not cracked that yet so I would settle for a personal trainer. I reckon a block of 10 sessions would be a good start.



Ahhh… food and coffee. My true loves. A new coffee machine would make me soooo happy! My current Delonghi has been a good companion but it’s starting to give up. I’d love a Gaggia, but really, lets keep it real. I’d be happy with any from this list

Ok, if that too expensive and you don’t love me that much, a new burr grinder will do.

A little known fact is that, once upon a time, I started a blog with a friend, where we reviewed our visits to trendy new London Restaurants. That’s long gone but I do miss occasionally eating mind blowing, or just reaaaally nice, food. A weekend away sans children with a meal at the Fat Duck or Noma would be nice, but even a London restaurant like Londrino or Lyle’s would do.


Londrino Restaurant London Octopus dish

Londrino Restaurant Octopus dish


I’d love to do a barista workshop to learn to make amazing coffee. Prufrock, Ozone and The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs do great coffee and run workshops.

An opportunity to create my own perfume.  I always struggled to find a perfume I like after a few hours. An experience like this would be lush!

VIP boutique festival tickets (I’m not a camping kinda girl, you see?). Something like Wilderness or Port Eliot. Not sure I’m cool enough tough…

Vouchers for flights, if that even exists. I’d love to go to many places. Right now, I’d like to get some inspiration from San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, for example.

Work and Professional development

Any stationery. Fountain pens, notepads, leather accessories, even just a good rubber or post its – I love it all.


I could never bring myself to pay for Coaching. I keep hearing that it’s an investment, truly transformational. However, at £200 or so per hour, I find it difficult to commit. Having someone else pay for a session would it that little bit more bearable and who knows, I might decide it’s a must have in my life?

I love design but if I try to have a go at it, I’m completely hopeless. Doing a graphic design or interior design masterclass would be pretty cool and give me the tools to be creative and a little proud of my work. I love learning new things, so even a short course at a local college would be interesting.

A drawing course! I love drawing but could definitely do with learning more and with having a weekly date with my pencils and charcoals.


But my favourite gift would be…

A couple of days by myself. I adore my family, no doubt about that. But after nearly 5 years of being mummy, I would love to be able to just relax and feel like myself again. Just for two days…

Coffee Motif Brown Slippers

My favourite slippers




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  1. I hope you have a lovely birthday and get to enjoy some of the things on your list 🙂 Some great gift ideas by the way!

    Jemma x

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      Thank you, Frankie 🙂 Not expecting to, to be honest, but it’s a great way to let people get to know me better 😉

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