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5 awesome benefits of being bilingual

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It’s incredible to think that until recently the accepted view was that being bilingual was inherently bad. This week is International Mother Language Day which makes it timely to remind people of the benefits of being bilingual. Until recently it was thought that bilingual children would be confused by two languages, have lower intelligence and behave in deviant ways. Many …


Teaching the target language at home by playing schools

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This half term offers a great opportunity to expose the children to more of the target language than usual. So this week I’m making the most of it by teaching the target language at home through role play: playing schools. Half term sends many parents into a spin: either they don’t know what to do in relation with childcare, or …

Child painting potato stamps

Children’s activity for a winter rainy day: potato stamps

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It’s winter, it’s cold and it’s and wet. Playing outside is out of the question. The children are bored. What are we going to do? Painting! To be honest, the last time we did a painting activity was months ago. When they’re very little, it can be such a hassle and mummy ends up spending more time setting up and …

Food is culture mural in Lisbon.

Fish, coffee and custard pastry – the role of food in raising bilingual children

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This post needs a disclaimer – I love food and it plays a huge role in my life. Some people may not feel so strongly about it. If that’s the case, they still may find this post interesting in guiding their bilingual journey. Food as culture Most people will agree that culture is not just poetry, museums and ballet. The …

child holding drawings

Drawing with children – another opportunity for bonding and language acquisition

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When you look at this picture you may be confused – did a child draw that?! I know. It’s not my finest work. I even considered not sharing it at all, concerned it would risk my reputation. Sod that. I want to help other parents of bilingual children and I want to do it with honesty. This drawing is from …

Screenshot of Netflix shows and search box

Learning Languages with Netflix

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Did you know that, anywhere you’re in the world (or nearly) you can watch Netflix content in other languages, therefore supporting your family’s language learning? Maybe even the target language in your bilingual journey? That’s right, the content is doubled, and has subtitles, in other language such as Portuguese, Spanish, German and French. And the beauty is that both the …

Netflix logo

Watching Netflix in other languages

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Netflix, the entertainment company specialising in streaming media and video on-demand online, is present in over 190 countries, counting more than 100 million subscribers. Some of the content is available in other languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, German and French. What languages are available can vary from country to country so the best is to check for yourself. You need …


Quick tip to captivate bilingual children towards target language resources – Tip #1: pick characters they like

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As mentioned in a previous post, it’s really hard to compete with the amazing offer of books written in English here in the UK. The variety and quality is absolutely spectacular. Here I share a quick tip to captivate bilingual children towards target language resources. When we last visited back home, I was determined to stock up on books in …