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The Language Show 2018 – notes on the event

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      The Language Show, Europe’s largest language show, has been running for over 10 years. I’ve attended the show for the first time in 2018 and below I share my notes on the event.   The format The three-day show is free, with exhibitors, talks, taster classes and cultural events. The talks programme offers three strands: Language teachers …

Don’t let life get on the way of your bilingual journey

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    As the school year progresses, slowly the target or minority languages starts lagging behind. It’s not uncommon for children who are very enthusiastic and speaking or answering to the target language in September to gradually replace that with the majority language. That was certainly the case for us last year. After Easter, we descended into a spiral of …

Mes Amigo Amigo Month

What is Mes Amigo (Amigo Month)?

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7th of September marks the start of a 5 week celebration of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world in the UK. The Mes amigo, or Amigo month, is a festival or celebration of the contribution of around 5 million people living in the UK who have Hispanic and Lusophone heritage. It’s not clear when this Hispanic – Lusophone celebration started (a …

where to buy Portuguiese language resources for bilingual children

Top places to stock up on Portuguese language resources

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  When we visit Portugal, there’s so much choice that I go on a shopping spree for books and other minority language resources. Below I share my top places to stock up on Portuguese language resources in Portugal. Why stock up? Read this post about why reading is important and this one about what to look for when stocking up. You …