Coach at the museum

Our day in Belém – an itinerary of choux pastry, coaches and a horse called Fandanga

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Ah, what a day in Belém district this was! We started with a little elevenses (a mid morning snack) at Versailles Belém, followed by a trip to the Museu Nacional dos Coches (The National Coach Museum) and a tour by horse and carriage. We finished with a late lunch at Rui dos Pregos. Pastelaria Versailles Belém Versailles is an iconic pastelaria (patisserie) established in Lisbon …

Christmas gift ideas for bilingual children - Merry Christmas sign in portuguese

Christmas gift list for bilingual families and Lusophones  

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    It’s that time of the year. Some of us have all the presents sorted and wrapped, others have not even started (like me just a few days ago). There’s still time to get lovely presents that can support a family’s bilingual journey. Here are 16 ideas for Christmas gifts for bilingual children and grown ups, including a few …

Maximise language learning - Map of Europe showing arrow from London to Portugal

Going home for Christmas – 7 things to make the most of this trip  

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  We’re going back home for Christmas next week and I’ve not prepared anything – a very southern European trait. We keep being told that the best way to encourage bilingualism in any age is immersion – the longer the exposure to the target language, the better. So this year we booked a trip to my home country – Portugal. …

Fluent Active Bilingual - number 35.7% written in red pen on graph paper

35.7% is not enough  

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35.7%. Reading this figure stopped me in my tracks. My partner speaks the majority language at home (English) and I speak both English and Portuguese. If I’m painfully honest, I probably end up speaking more English than Portuguese most of the time. Judging by this figure, that means that if we carry on as it is, our children will have …

access to minority language books - Baby holding picture book

4 tips to overcome lack of access to minority language books.

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Access to minority language books and resources can be hard to come by and we need to work with what you’ve got. Here are some ideas to try Translate on the spot from a majority or community language book. In this case, I strongly recommend going for books with shorter sentences and simpler words. And of course, stay away from …

Minority target language resources -Baby holding Amazon package

9 sources of minority language reading resources

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When the target language is perceived as low value (for a number of reasons such as there being a small community of that minority language in one’s country of residence) it can be hard to find resources in that target language. 6 suggestions of how to source reading material in the minority language Ask friends and family to send books. …