children playing with abacus STEM week

Fostering a love of STEM in children

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  It’s funny. I was never ‘good’ at science – it shows when I’m faced with a DIY challenge! It’s perhaps a product of my generation, or because I was not surrounded by scientists when growing up so had no role models in that area. Or perhaps I was always more inclined towards the arts? Nevertheless, I’d like to foster …

Child writing Mother's day letter

The letter I would like to receive from my daughter on Mother’s day  

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This is the letter I would like to receive from my daughter on Mother’s Day in 30 years time.   Mummy, I love you to the moon and back and back again and around all the planets… forever. You’re the best mummy in the world. You’re fun and inspiring. You’re honest, creative, and a professional role model. You’re not perfect …

world book day

13 children’s books recommendations for Boys and Girls on World Book Day

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    Yay, it’s World Book Day! We’re so excited to share some of our favourite books in English and in Portuguese from our own book shelf with you! So, without further ado, here are 13 book recommendations for World Book Day.   *This post includes affiliate banners and links (marked with *). I only recommend products that I like. See disclaimer for …

Make memories last longer with Boots photo book. Young girl points to photo in book, smiling.

Make memories of your holiday trip home last longer with a photo book

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We can’t go back home as much as I’d like. So I found a way to make memories of that rare holiday last longer. I had great hopes for our Christmas trip home, the first in five years. And it was fantastic. We made so many wonderful memories. It was the first time that both girls were old enough to …

Child painting potato stamps

Children’s activity for a winter rainy day: potato stamps

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It’s winter, it’s cold and it’s and wet. Playing outside is out of the question. The children are bored. What are we going to do? Painting! To be honest, the last time we did a painting activity was months ago. When they’re very little, it can be such a hassle and mummy ends up spending more time setting up and …

language learning - a bottle of honey, a lemon, cold medication packets

When those big language learning plans don’t go to plan

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Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. I started the New Year full hope and, dare I say, determination. I had a big plan to start us on a family routine of language learning. However, it looks like we might need to start in earnest in a few days instead! A number of factors, including sickness by all and change in routine …

Cascais Christmas Village

Cascais Christmas Village: boutique Christmas experience on a budget near Lisbon

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If you read my last post, The Christmas Tag, you’ll know I’m not the biggest fan of the commercial side of Christmas. I’ve never even taken my girls to a Father Christmas Grotto, that’s how much I dislike that kind of thing – and queues! The Cascais Christmas Village is no Winter Wonderland in Hyde park, which I’ve been to …