Coach at the museum

Our day in Belém – an itinerary of choux pastry, coaches and a horse called Fandanga

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Ah, what a day in Belém district this was! We started with a little elevenses (a mid morning snack) at Versailles Belém, followed by a trip to the Museu Nacional dos Coches (The National Coach Museum) and a tour by horse and carriage. We finished with a late lunch at Rui dos Pregos. Pastelaria Versailles Belém Versailles is an iconic pastelaria (patisserie) established in Lisbon …

Maximise language learning - Map of Europe showing arrow from London to Portugal

Going home for Christmas – 7 things to make the most of this trip  

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  We’re going back home for Christmas next week and I’ve not prepared anything – a very southern European trait. We keep being told that the best way to encourage bilingualism in any age is immersion – the longer the exposure to the target language, the better. So this year we booked a trip to my home country – Portugal. …

Brexit - image shows UK and Potuguese passports

What does Brexit have to do with it?

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Around the world, especially in Britain, Europe and the United States, there’s been a surge in extreme populist movements, selling a “back to past values”, protectionism and with it, anti-immigrant  sentiment. The last 18 months marked a shift in the world as I knew it. As we know it. The aftermath of the Brexit referendum saw a surge in racist hate crime …

bilingual language -children walking on path through park

The start of our journey – v 2.0

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Strictly speaking this is not really the start, we’ve been intending to bring the girls up as bilingual all along, but life got in the way. We never really planned much the whole bilingual thing. We thought it would just happen! My partner asked if I’d speak Portuguese with the girls, I said yes, and that was it. The commitment had been …