Festas_Populares Portugal

The joy of popular festivities in Portugal and beyond

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    June is a much-anticipated event across Portugal, especially in Lisbon and Porto, the two largest cities which are taken over by the Popular Saints (Santos Populares) festivities that make them feel like a big, giant neighborhood party. If you ever visited Lisbon or Porto during the month of June, in particular between 13 to 29 June, it’s unlikely …

Portuguese and Brazilian events in London this Summer                                                

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    I talk about the allure of the Portuguese Santos Populares and the Brazilian Festa Junina in this post. But what to do if you can’t travel there to experience these fun gatherings? Try the next best thing: organise your own themed party or find one organised by the local immigrant community. If you live in London and you’re …

historia de portugal espreita cover

History of Portugal for Children (English and Portuguese)

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    For Portuguese expats, emigrants or second and third generation Luso descendants around the world, it can be difficult to educate children in their Portuguese history and heritage, especially if you don’t have access to a community, materials and schools in Portuguese. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of resources about the History of Portugal for children. The list …

Talkin ‘bout a Revolution

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Today we’re talking about revolutions and the importance of knowing our history. At the end of this article, you’ll find ideas for any family, as well as links to resources in Portuguese because 25 April is the anniversary of the Portuguese Carnation Revolution. Having said that, the spirit of this article, of not letting the distance from our home country let …

planisphere lisbon modern portugal

3 minute introduction to modern Portugal  

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  Since 1974, when it emerged from one of the longest lasting dictatorships in Europe, Portugal has come up in leaps and bounds. This post celebrates recent achievements and serves as an introduction to those who don’t know much about modern Portugal.   Quick run through 1975-2015 It rebuilt its democratic institutions, entered the EEC (European Economic Community) in 1986, …