lego playgroup

9 steps to setting up a popular language playgroup

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This is a very generic guide to setting up a popular language playgroup, to give you an idea of what’s involved. If you’re based in the UK, and wish to proceed in setting up a playgroup, I recommend that you contact the Pre-School Learning Alliance for guidance and legal requirements. If you’re based outside the UK, contact the body that regulates …

Science resources in Portuguese

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We always aimed to encourage our girls to be interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects. We have therefore aimed to expose them to books and other experiences around these subjects. CBeebies, for example, has great science programmes such as Nina and the Neurons, Do you know and The Lets Go Club. The problem is that, obviously, all of …

easter crafts

17 things to do with the kids during half term

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“Not another school holiday!” most parents are thinking just as many schools in the UK start a two weeks Easter Holiday. Whether you’re a full time working parent or a stay at home parent, you may well be dreading it. “How am I going to entertain the kids over two weeks!!??”. Don’t fret, here are a few suggestions. *This post …

Make memories last longer with Boots photo book. Young girl points to photo in book, smiling.

Make memories of your holiday trip home last longer with a photo book

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We can’t go back home as much as I’d like. So I found a way to make memories of that rare holiday last longer. I had great hopes for our Christmas trip home, the first in five years. And it was fantastic. We made so many wonderful memories. It was the first time that both girls were old enough to …

Child painting potato stamps

Children’s activity for a winter rainy day: potato stamps

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It’s winter, it’s cold and it’s and wet. Playing outside is out of the question. The children are bored. What are we going to do? Painting! To be honest, the last time we did a painting activity was months ago. When they’re very little, it can be such a hassle and mummy ends up spending more time setting up and …

Oppportunity for bonding and language acquisition - child holding drawings

Drawing with children – another opportunity for bonding and language acquisition

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When you look at this picture you may be confused – did a child draw that?! I know. It’s not my finest work. I even considered not sharing it at all, concerned it would risk my reputation. Sod that. I want to help other parents of bilingual children and I want to do it with honesty. This drawing is from …

A cheat recipe for a quick, economic and healthy pizza - cooked sardine pizza

A cheat recipe for a quick, economic and healthy pizza

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It’s common knowledge that sardines are packed with good nutrients, however, I couldn’t see how I could get my kids to have sardine here in the UK. Then one day we thought of making our own pizza… Mind you, I love the idea of making my own from scratch but only ever managed that once. Here’s a cheat recipe for …