Teaching the target language at home by playing schools

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This half term offers a great opportunity to expose the children to more of the target language than usual. So this week I’m making the most of it by teaching the target language at home through role play: playing schools. Half term sends many parents into a spin: either they don’t know what to do in relation with childcare, or …

Food is culture mural in Lisbon.

Fish, coffee and custard pastry – the role of food in raising bilingual children

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This post needs a disclaimer – I love food and it plays a huge role in my life. Some people may not feel so strongly about it. If that’s the case, they still may find this post interesting in guiding their bilingual journey. Food as culture Most people will agree that culture is not just poetry, museums and ballet. The …


Quick tip to captivate bilingual children towards target language resources – Tip #1: pick characters they like

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As mentioned in a previous post, it’s really hard to compete with the amazing offer of books written in English here in the UK. The variety and quality is absolutely spectacular. Here I share a quick tip to captivate bilingual children towards target language resources. When we last visited back home, I was determined to stock up on books in …

Child Speaking on Facebook Messenger with a bunny rabbit mask on

Step by step guide to make calls to family abroad last longer

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I recently found a new trick to make the calls to family abroad have a bigger impact on my girls’ bilingual and multicultural development. Here’s a step by step guide to make calls home with your children that are more engaging, longlasting and therefore better support multilingual education and emotional connection. The tool is Facebook Messenger. Sometimes when we’re abroad …

a row of medicine

When those big language learning plans don’t go to plan

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Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. I started the New Year full hope and, dare I say, determination. I had a big plan to start us on a family routine of language learning. However, it looks like we might need to start in earnest in a few days instead! A number of factors, including sickness by all and change in routine …

Children reading safety guidelines in airplane

Our first Christmas back home and impact on language acquisition

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This was supposed to be our first Christmas as a family back ‘home’. I flew over with the 2 and 4 year olds and Daddy was to follow a few days later, due to work commitments. Things did not go to plan… Daddy fell ill and was not able to fly on doctor’s orders. And that’s how the girls and …

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35.7% is not enough  

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35.7%. Reading this figure stopped me in my tracks. My partner speaks the majority language at home (English) and I speak both English and Portuguese. If I’m painfully honest, I probably end up speaking more English than Portuguese most of the time. Judging by this figure, that means that if we carry on as it is, our children will have …

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4 tips to overcome lack of access to minority language books.

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Sometimes resources in the minority language are hard to come by and we need to work with what you’ve got. Here are some ideas to try Translate on the spot from a majority or community language book. In this case, I strongly recommend going for books with shorter sentences and simpler words. And of course, stay away from rhymes as …