Fluent Active Bilingual - number 35.7% written in red pen on graph paper

35.7% is not enough  

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35.7%. Reading this figure stopped me in my tracks. My partner speaks the majority language at home (English) and I speak both English and Portuguese. If I’m painfully honest, I probably end up speaking more English than Portuguese most of the time. Judging by this figure, that means that if we carry on as it is, our children will have …

access to minority language books - Baby holding picture book

4 tips to overcome lack of access to minority language books.

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Access to minority language books and resources can be hard to come by and we need to work with what you’ve got. Here are some ideas to try Translate on the spot from a majority or community language book. In this case, I strongly recommend going for books with shorter sentences and simpler words. And of course, stay away from …

father and baby on lap reading book

Reading – one of the best things you can do for your child

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If you have consumed any baby-related books, websites, reports, blogs, or other media, you’ll already know that reading to your child as early, as often, and as many books as possible is highly recommended and a key to language development, amongst other benefits. Makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s exactly the same principle to develop the minority language. But how many …

Metemporhosis - A girl with a butterfly on her hand


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Ok, so by now you know everything you need to know about who I am, my family and our predicament. I’ve got a new found resolve. Yay, fantastic! However… the last thing I want is to alienate my children and risk having our special bond broken, or having them hate all things Portuguese by introducing it into their lives so …

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The story so far…

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If you read the About this Blog and the About the Author sections, you will already know a little about me and my family and why I started this blog. I wanted to give you more context. Here’s the story so far… Everyone has their own set of circumstances and challenges. These are ours: I’m the only minority language speaker in the family (my family lives …

bilingual language -children walking on path through park

The start of our journey – v 2.0

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Strictly speaking this is not really the start, we’ve been intending to bring the girls up as bilingual all along, but life got in the way. We never really planned much the whole bilingual thing. We thought it would just happen! My partner asked if I’d speak Portuguese with the girls, I said yes, and that was it. The commitment had been …