teaching language at home - Portugeuese language workbook for children

Teaching the target language at home by playing schools

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This half term offers a great opportunity to expose the children to more of the target language than usual. So this week I’m making the most of it by teaching the target language at home through role play: playing schools. Half term sends many parents into a spin: either they don’t know what to do in relation with childcare, or …

Learning Languages with Netflix - Screenshot of Netflix shows and search box

Learning Languages with Netflix

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Did you know that, anywhere you’re in the world (or nearly) you can watch Netflix content in other languages, therefore supporting your family’s language learning? Maybe even the target language in your bilingual journey? That’s right, the content is doubled, and has subtitles, in other language such as Portuguese, Spanish, German and French. And the beauty is that both the …

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Watching Netflix in other languages

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Netflix, the entertainment company specialising in streaming media and video on-demand online, is present in over 190 countries, counting more than 100 million subscribers. Some of the content is available in other languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, German and French. What languages are available can vary from country to country so the best is to check for yourself. You need …

apps - various languages - tablet screen showing app icons for learning apps

Apps – various languages

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  We’re spoilt for choice with English language apps for children, but I could find very little of quality in Portuguese, especially European Portuguese. I searched far and wide, downloaded tens of apps only to find that they were no good. I let go of anything that was not well executed, that had adverts or no child lock for in-app …

Youtube shows in portuguese - YouTube-for-iOS-app-icon-full-size

Youtube – playlist of Youtube shows in Portuguese

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Below is a playlist of Youtube shows in Portuguese that our girls (2 and 4 years old) watch on Youtube. A word of caution, I advise you not to leave children watch Youtube alone. Read more here. All the channels listed below are in European Portuguese unless otherwise stated   Xana Toc Toc Vibrant original songs sung by a colourful …

Children reading safety guidelines in airplane

Our first Christmas back home and impact on language acquisition

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This was supposed to be our first Christmas as a family back ‘home’. I flew over with the 2 and 4 year olds and Daddy was to follow a few days later, due to work commitments. Things did not go to plan… Daddy fell ill and was not able to fly on doctor’s orders. And that’s how the girls and …

Coach at the museum

Our day in Belém – an itinerary of choux pastry, coaches and a horse called Fandanga

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Ah, what a day in Belém district this was! We started with a little elevenses (a mid morning snack) at Versailles Belém, followed by a trip to the Museu Nacional dos Coches (The National Coach Museum) and a tour by horse and carriage. We finished with a late lunch at Rui dos Pregos. Pastelaria Versailles Belém Versailles is an iconic pastelaria (patisserie) established in Lisbon …

Christmas gift ideas for bilingual children - Merry Christmas sign in portuguese

Christmas gift list for bilingual families and Lusophones  

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    It’s that time of the year. Some of us have all the presents sorted and wrapped, others have not even started (like me just a few days ago). There’s still time to get lovely presents that can support a family’s bilingual journey. Here are 16 ideas for Christmas gifts for bilingual children and grown ups, including a few …