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Easy Peasy Ghoulish Halloween biscuits [RECIPE]

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These ghoulish halloween biscuits are super easy and quick to make and can be done with children during Halloween, at the weekend, after school or during half term.

If you’ve read other of my recipe posts, you’ll know I’m a lazy cook. I had a block of shop bought pastry on the fridge and I thought I would try and do some easy Halloween treats.


Halloween recipe pin



2 ready rolled sheets of shortcrust pastry (or 1 block of shortcrust pastry). Follow the pack instructions.

A chocolate nut spread or dark jam (e.g. blueberry)

1 egg for the egg wash

Biscuit cutters with Halloween shapes

A straw to make the eyes


chocolate spread




The spread should be of a dark colour for maximum eye effect (see featured photo).

In this recipe, you will see photos of puff pastry because that’s what I had at home at the time I took this photos, but it is best to make it with shortcrust pastry.

If you buy frozen pastry, make sure you defrost ahead of time before you even mention making biscuits to the kids. Patience is a virtue most children have not yet mastered.



  1. If using a ready to roll sheet you just need to roll it out, still in the baking sheet, and start cutting with the biscuit cutters. If using a block of pastry, the children can also help with the rolling.
  2. Make sure you have pairs of the same shape. We used ghost and bat shapes we got from Waitrose last year. Make sure you have pairs of each shape
  3. After cutting as many shapes as you can with the space available, pull out the remaining of the pastry or transfer the cut-outs to a tray with paper. On half of the shapes, carve the eyes with a straw
  4. Mix a whole egg and with a clean brush, brush the egg wash on top of the top shapes (the ones with eyes), then put in the oven. Cooking time depends on the oven and thickness, but biscuits don’t take too long to cook (around 10 minutes). They should be an even golden colour. If overcooked, biscuits will get hard and snappy.
  5. When a nice golden colour take them out and let it cool down. When ready, let the kids spread the chocolate butter or jam on the shapes with no eyes, then assemble by putting the shapes with eyes and no spread on top of the others.


And there you go, you’ll have a tray full of ghoulish treats for Halloween!


halloween cookie cutter ready to make biscuits



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Halloween recipe pin

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