Easy Vegetarian Yellow Pepper Pasta Sauce recipe - yellow pwppers quartered

Easy Vegetarian Yellow Pepper Pasta Sauce [RECIPE]

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This recipe was passed on to me many years ago by an Italo-Portuguese friend. I don’t have the original ‘recipe’, if it ever needed one as it’s so simple. This easy, mild, pleasing and inoffensive Yellow Pepper Pasta Sauce is so delicious and so easy, I like to call it Mellow Yellow.  And did I mention it’s suitable for vegetarians too?

I’m not sure how authentic this pasta sauce is, given that pasta sauce is an Italian thing, but it’s delish and a big favourite in my family for a long time. It’s one of those recipes (my favourites) that create great joy at the table, for minimum effort, and it can be frozen for future ‘emergencies’.

This recipe is enough for one pack of spaghetti and makes two meals for a family of 4 (or 3 depending on the appetites)



4 large peppers

4 cloves of garlic

Olive Oil

300ml Double Cream




  1. Cut the peppers into quarters, take the seeds out and wash. Make sure they’re dry before cooking

2. Crush the garlic and fry in a little olive oil. Put to the side



3. Fry the quarters of the pepper in the same oil you cooked the garlic. Add more olive oil if needed.  It’s ok to char as long as you take the charred parts off before the next step. The softer the pepper, the more velvety the sauce. If it’s not very well cooked it will have many small hard bits of pepper. You will see from the photo below of the finished product that my version is not very velvety because, quite frankly, I don’t have the patience to wait.


Easy Vegetarian Yellow Pepper Pasta Sauce recipe


4. Put everything in the blender with the cream until all liquid



Easy Vegetarian Yellow Pepper Pasta Sauce recipe - blender

5. Put the liquid back in the frying pan, simmer for a few minutes, always stirring and not letting burn

Easy Vegetarian Yellow Pepper Pasta Sauce recipe


Serve with tagliatelle, spaghetti or your favourite pasta.


An extra touch

You will notice that there is no mention of seasoning. The original recipe included cooking with fresh chilies (fry them with the garlic, and include a portion of it in the blender). However, in our household we don’t put salt and chili in the food when cooking because everyone eats the same in our home – including the children. We only cook one meal and the grown-ups can add salt, pepper and chilli to their own plates as they wish.

The sauce is sweet from the pepper and has a very delicate flavour. It’s perfectly fine as it is, however, a little chili will add a kick to it. Check out our popular chilli recipe.



I used my trusted Kenwood Kmix blender (this is an affiliate link).


easy Vegetarian Yellow Pepper pasta sauce

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