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It took me hours of searching to find suitable resources for my children to learn our target language, Portuguese. In this section, I share lists of things that we like. The resources are in European Portuguese unless otherwise stated. Many of the resources are available in other languages and that will made clear next to the resource.

Have you found excellent resources in Portuguese, or in any other language, you’d like to share? Please email mothertonguenotes(a) with details, stating why you think it’s a good resource for multilingual families.

Please note, at the time of compiling this list, all resources are adequate to the best of my knowledge. Please contact me if you become aware of any inappropriate or inadequate content. All resources require parental guidance.

Go to this resources page for a list of Apps in various languages and a list of Youtube shows in Portuguese.

Coming soon

  • Bilingual books for children
  • Books about bi/multilingualism for parents
  • Easy activities to do with children at home to support language development
  • … and much more!

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