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KeepCup reusable coffee cup review 

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It’s no secret that I’m a coffee lover, and a coffee lover needs a respectable reusable cup. I ADORE good coffee. The smoothness and flavour of a good coffee give me immense pleasure. It makes me so happy! But let’s be honest I’m an addict, I simply can’t live without the stuff. I’d go as far as saying that I’m a danger to myself and other people if I leave the house without my caffè macchiato (in Portugal called a ‘pingado’, an espresso shot with a small drop of hot milk).

That’s why I got myself a reusable BPA free Keepcup last summer. I had been flirting with it for a while but, trying to keep my fanciful expenditure in check, I kept postponing the decision. However, I could no longer live with the guilt of my daily flat white being served in a non-recyclable takeaway cup. That’s a lot of cups!

The choice is so vast I spent hours admiring and comparing all the models and colour combos. I decided to go for the BREW glass coffee cup edition 8oz – Chai

Why did I choose this KeepCup in particular?


I chose the 8 oz size because the largest coffee I usually get is a flat white (a strong milky coffee, two shots of espresso with silky smooth milk, also called a ‘meia de leite’ in Portugal). A flat white is a 8 oz serving. If I happen to pop in somewhere where staff doesn’t know what a flat white is (rare but possible), I just ask for a double espresso and milk up to the top of my small cup. Plus, the small size fits perfectly in any bag or even a pocket.


I liked the Chai colours because they are neutral and I thought it would go well with my caramel coloured flat white. Seriously, that was what I was thinking when I chose it! Stop mocking me…

I had around six different cups in my Amazon shopping basket and slowly went through each, judging them like a beauty pageant, until I was left with the winner. Having said that, KeepCup has some funky colour combinations and if I could have a selection of colours and sizes, I would. But that would probably take it a bit too far.


Most importantly, I chose the model with a glass cup and a rubber band.

  1. Glass because I respect my coffee and given the choice I rather drink it from glass rather than plastic to best savour my coffee
  2. The rubber band because I was not sure that the cork edition would withstand all the washes, even by hand, though I love the look of the Cork edition too
  3. I wanted a dishwasher-safe cup

I’m not joking when I say I thought this through, but you don’t need to be as pernickety.

the best resusable cup review keepcup

the best resusable cup review keepcup

The Verdict

Best buy in a while. Random people in the street and shops have complimented me on it. I keep going on about how happy I am with it. I know, it’s just a coffee mug! But I love it. It’s functional, does what it say, has great design and quality. I love the fact that I can still drink my coffee from glass, even on the go.

It’s not 100% spill proof. I’ve tried to turn it upside down for testing purposes and yes it can spill a little bit during my usage, I’ve never had an accident with it. Then again, I treat it with love, I don’t just throw it in the bag as I leave the house.

If you don’t have a reusable cup yet, I urge you to get one now. Not only this was the make I liked the most when shopping around, MPs are calling, rightly so, in my opinion, for a 25p coffee cup levy (BBC News, 5 January 2017), so if you only have a takeaway coffee a day, it would take you 2 months to pay it off.

Enjoy your coffee!

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