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The last word – review of the year 2017

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It’s tradition to do end of year reviews. I’m already thinking about 2018 (bring it on!), but here’s a short note for posterity.

On a personal level, this year has been marked by my decision to become self-employed and to spend more time with our children, and in particular, to help them develop their Portuguese language and identity. In the last few months I’ve also found my tribe, made many new friends and felt so inspired.

It’s also been a year marked by poor health, by myself and many in the family, though thankfully nothing too serious and I hope that we can break that spell in 2018.

In terms of the wider world, I honestly did not expect to end the year with that aberration that is Donald Trump still as leader of the free world. There have been horrendous terrorist attacks in the UK and many more abroad. There were also two indescribable fires in London and in Pedrogao Grande, Portugal, that lost so many lives. There’s been a lot of nastiness. There’s also been plenty of kindness and compassion. Lets dial up the latter!

Here’s to a saner, healthier, happier 2017…

Happy New Year!

Feliz Ano Novo!

PS – before publishing this post I was thinking “What’s the colour of kindness?”. I went for yellow (for light: sunlight, fireworks, the light that ilumminates the way for those in need). If kindness was a colour, what colour do you think it would be? Answers in a virtual postcard in the comments below or our Facebook page

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