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Learning Languages with Netflix

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Did you know that, anywhere you’re in the world (or nearly) you can watch Netflix content in other languages, therefore supporting your family’s language learning? Maybe even the target language in your bilingual journey? That’s right, the content is doubled, and has subtitles, in other language such as Portuguese, Spanish, German and French. And the beauty is that both the children and the non minority language speaking parent can benefit.

First things first – what’s Netflix

Netflix the entertainment company specialising in streaming media and video on-demand online, is present in over 190 countries, counting more than 100 million subscribers.  However, not many people know that you can watch Netflix content in other languages.

Why Netflix?

We avoided TV and screens for as long as we could but it got to a point we just start using it for our own sanity. Actually, TV has its place and I know my girls have learned a lot from Cbbebies, a children channel from the BBC here in the UK.  Like everything else, TV and Netflix is ok in moderation (just stay away from series like House of Cards and Narcos!).

We don’t have a Portuguese children’s TV channel  so the next best thing was DVDs or Netflix. DVDs can be cumbersome and we find Netflix quicker and more straightforward. Plus, I have no intention of building a physical collection of DVDs – I want to create more space in the house, not less!

All we do now is select a film or series from the children’s section that is available in our target language (Portuguese). It sometimes can give everyone a little down time and the children will still be gaining exposure to the language. Yes, it’s not the best type of exposure, interaction with different people, is far better, but occasionally we all need a little time out.

What languages is it available in?

Depending where you are, languages include Portuguese, Spanish, German and French. The best is to check yourself, as Netflix is constantly adding to its catalogue. I’ve created a step by step guide for you on how to find Netflix shows in your target language.

For the older children, you can even elect to have subtitles in that language as well.

Grown up family members learning the target language can benefit too – just select a film or show you enjoy watching!

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  1. Hi! I have a bilingual son. I want to do more for him. That’s why I’m interested in sharings about bilingual parenting.

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