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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for any budget

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If you’re a mum, hopefully, you’ll get a lovely gesture from your children, perhaps, breakfast in bed and a homemade card? Or a small gift bought with their pocket money? See more ideas for what to get a ‘certain kind’ of mum in her 30s or 40s.

But what to give your own mum on Mother’s day? Whether you’re a son or a daughter, here are some ideas for any budget…

Not sure when’s Mother’s Day? Check Mother’s Day dates around the world


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The classic

One can’t go wrong with flowers and chocolates.

Some florists like McQueens create absolutely stunning flower arrangements. However, if like me, you live in a different country from your giftee, and don’t have easy access or the budget for such treats, Interflora is a known quantity – they’ve been around for a long time and deliver to 140 countries.

If you’re based in the UK you can get 8% off your order at Interflora – just use the code MAY8 at checkout (valid until 31 May 2018, not applicable to worldwide delivery)



A bottle of bubble bath from the supermarket? No. I’m talking proper pampering. A weekend or a day at a spa, for example. Even better, if you’re a daughter, take a day off and go together!


Or give mum something she not do or buy herself. Some mums are so selfless they just don’t get round to treating themselves. A luxury brand lipstick, face cream or scent, for example.

A book

A book is always a nice gift on its own or as an add-on to another gift. For example:

  • a good quality nicely picked coffee table book. If you know your mum well enough, you’ll pick one that will grace the coffee table and remind her of your appreciation all year round
  • get hold of a hard to get book, or pre-order of a special book she’s looking forward to getting, or even better doesn’t know it;s coming out, but you’re so cool, you just know it first
  • get tickets to the theatre, opera, concert, ballet and include a related book as a tangible present

You can get books in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish delivered worldwide by shopping online at WOOK.



We are all foodies in our family, so I’ve taken my mum to restaurants like The Petersham Nurseries, Viajante and Hibiscus as gifts in the past and we still talk about it all these years after. Some experiences are just unforgettable.

If your mum is not into food, what does she like? Does she have a hobby? A celebrity she likes and you could organise a meet and greet?

Or organise a special West End experience like the one below (click on the banner for more details on this offer and other shows). Musicals always have that feel good factor.



The ultimate

The ultimate gift, is YOU.

Take time off and hang out, just the two of you. Go to a spa together as suggested above, go shopping, for a meal together, to the theatre, whatever tickles you both.

If you live abroad, a surprise visit is the ONE.

When my mum turned 60, I flew in secret and turned up at her birthday party. Her face was priceless.

Whether you do this on a mother’s day or her birthday, if you live in different countries, it doesn’t get bigger than that – click on the banner below and book now.




Happy Mother’s day!

Are you confused about when’s mother’s day and where? Can’t blame you – there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. But fret no more! Here’s a  list of Mother’s Day dates around the World.

If you’re a little bit nosy, you can have a look at a couple of letters I wrote for mother’s: here’s the letter to my mum and the letter I’d like to get from my daughter.

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