The Deli



Food is culture. We all know that, right?

Whether you are just a food lover or trying to raise bilingual children, food plays a huge role in our lives and identity.     

Food from all over the world

You can probably find Indian, Chinese and Italian restaurants in nearly every big city in the world. London has a huge selection of restaurants and delis with food from Scandi countries (such as the the four branches of the Nordic Bakery), TurkeyRussia, Hungary, Romania, Ethiopia, Brazil. Argentina, Colombia, Thailand, Nepal, Japan... the list goes on.  

You can also find food from many countries in Amazon's Grocery . Just search for specific foods from your country, your start with the country's name. 

A taste of Portugal in London

The Portuguese places we know best in London and can recommend with certainty are the deli Delicias de Portugal and the A Toca restaurant in Stockwell. A Toca has generous and delicious portions of traditional Portuguese cuisine. It's great value for money and just like being back home. Even the horrid TV is constantly on, which for some reason is a thing you'll encounter in most Portuguese restaurants or 'tascas' (cheap restaurants with no frills - the equivalent of a 'greasy spoon' in the UK, but with much tastier food).   

In Stockwell, also known as Little Portugal, you'll find many Portuguese grocers, delis and restaurants. In other parts of London and of the UK there isn't such much a concentration of such shops, in fact, they are rare (except for areas of West and North London), but they exist and I plan to add a few more to this list. 

In the meantime, there are companies to order Portuguese food  online such as Supermercado Portugal, who deliverss across Europe.   

As to more refined Portuguese food, a few Portuguese restaurants have opened recently that sound promising, with modern Portuguese inspired food, such as Bar Douro in London Bridge, Taberna do Mercado in Spitalfields and Londrino in Bermonsdey.  You will of course not find any TVs on these restaurants.

More coming soon...