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The best podcast for… grown-ups in Portuguese (and other languages)

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I’m kicking off The Best podcast for… series with target language podcasts for grown-ups because these can help people who suffer from language attrition, i.e. who struggle to remember to speaker their own mother tongue.

Podcasts Vs Language Attrition

I’ve mentioned in various posts such as this one that I have very little exposure to Portuguese myself and that I struggle (still!) to remember to speak my mother tongue. As a way to gain more exposure to the language and culture, I started listening to podcasts in the target language.

Now I have so many podcasts I want to listen to for professional and personal reasons, and so little time, that I tend to leave the Portuguese language podcasts for when the children are within earshot so that they too can listen to the language, albeit passively.

It’s also an opportunity to stay on top of developments from my country of origin.

top podcasts for grown ups in portuguese

My current favourite podcasts in Portuguese

A beleza das pequenas coisasI

In A beleza das pequenas coisas a journalist interviews a variety of personalities, usually but not exclusively from the arts and culture sector. It feels like a conversation, rather than a debate. The interviewees tend to be interesting and I remember laughing out loud in the car listening to actress Rita Blanco being interviewed. It really took me back in time when I used to watch this actress on TV back in Portugal 25 years ago…

a belezxa das pequenas coisas podcast screenshot
Screenshot of A beleza das pequenas coisas podcast

Eixo do Mal

Eixo do Mal, is a weekly current popular affairs TV channel show, sometimes a little polemic and ‘angry’ which irritates me, so I’m not always in the mood for it. This is the podcast of the namesake SIC TV show.

Governo Sombra

Also a weekly current affairs show from a national TV channel. Ricardo Araujo, a hugely successful comedian and writer is on the panel, so this podcast has a more playful tone, and is more colorful with words.

Screenshot of the Governo Sombra podcast
Screenshot of the Governo Sombra podcast

Com tempo e alma

A journalist from the Portuguese broadsheet newspaper O Publico and an expert talk about a given theme – usually with a mix of sociological, political and economic perspectives. Each week there is a different duo which lends it a different dynamic each week. However, there is always a sense of seriousness and respectful, calm conversation rather than a hectic panel of people trying to be witty or shocking. The host and guest tend to analyse a theme in depth, rather than just comments on topical news.

You can also listen to the Podcast on the browser:

Screenshot of the Com tempo e alma podcast
Screenshot of the Com tempo e alma podcast

O esplendor de Portugal 

This is a weekly topical radio show from Antena 1 . Presented and hosted by respected journalist Rui Pêgo. It’s a current affairs programme with three guests, all foreigners living in Portugal. It covers news and themes from around the world, not just Portugal.

screenshot of O Esplendor de Portugal
screenshot of O Esplendor de Portugal

Sem filtro

Sem filtro is a programme that focuses on issues that concern the youth, which can be refreshing and of interest to parents

Fogo e Furia

Two journalists from the weekly broadsheet O Publico discuss the latest news from America. I like to keep on top of world news and this way I can also do it whilst listening to my mother tongue.

screenshot of Fogo e Furia
screenshot of Fogo e Furia


There are many more podcasts in Portuguese. This is my selection, what i like to listen to. Some I have downloaded but not got round to listening yet. such as:

Do genero – a Publico programme about gender issues

Visao Global – a podcast by the weekly magazine Visao

Any podcast by TSF, a respected news radio station

how to find top podcasts for grown ups in the target language
how to find top podcasts for grown ups in the target language

Finding podcasts in your target language

The list above is a selection of podcasts in European Portuguese because I know that many people struggle to find any in that language. It took me a few attempts for me to find 1) podcasts in my target language and 2) podcasts I was interested in.

Here are a few suggestions to find podcasts in your target language:

  • search online for the word ‘podcast’ in your target language
  • search online in your target language for ‘best podcast list’ – you may be lucky to find a ready-made list
  • start with media outlets such as TV and radio channels, and newspapers as they are most likely to produce podcasts
  • ask friends and family what they listen
  • search in your podcast platform for keywords in your language which are related to your interests (e.g hobbies, work, current affairs, comedy)

Good luck in finding what you like!

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