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The best podcast for… – introduction to the series

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I simply cannot believe I only got into podcasts in the last year. It’s been a life saver and that’s why I decided to share by favourite ones so far in a ‘The best podcast for….’ Series.

Introducing the series

Before we dive into what to expect in the next few weeks, I’d like to share with you a few points.

The vast, possibly infinite, world of podcasts

Whatever your niche hobby and style, there is something for you. That’s one of the beauties of podcasts. Search for just about any theme no matter how obscure and chances are you will find a podcasts about it.


Some podcasts are unbelievably good and offer astonishing value. I’ve been lucky in that most podcasts I subscribe to have been very good. If I start listening to something and it doesn’t work for me, I get rid of it pretty quickly. Life’s too short and listening to a low quality podcast, with bad sound quality and a boring speaker who has nothing to offer other than the love of the sound of their own voice, it’s a no no from me, I’m afraid.

Personal taste

Personally, I tend to listen to podcasts that help me self improve and expand my skills. They must be themes I am interested in learning more about. I’m not interested, though I know many others are, in listening to three or four men or women, chatting and bantering away in their bedroom. No, thank you. I have no interest in being a spectator to people’s own private parties with their in-jokes.

So, generally speaking, you won’t find on my list ‘comedy’ and people taking all over each other. I have enough screaming in my life and would never chose willingly to have more.  

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I also tend to go for calm or ‘regular voices’ over excitable screeching or salesy voices. I see listening to a podcast as me time, and anything like that switches me right off it.

What you will NOT find

I’ve tried podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience, The Guilty Feminist and My Father Wrote a Porno which are hugely popular, but they’re just not my kind of podcast.

First, a few basics

If someone’s not familiar with podcasts, below is an idiot’s guide to it.  

What are podcasts

Podcasts are like radio shows people record, often independently, in their own home or office. Thanks to digital advances, anyone can start a podcast – you only need a microphone. This democracy means you get a huge variety of themes and styles of delivery. Media outlets and brands also also increasingly creating their own podcasts.

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People tend to release their podcasts at regular intervals, often weekly, sometimes more, other times less. If like me you’re late to the party, you can download a bunch of episodes and binge as you would of Netflix.

It’s Free

Podcasts are absolutely free to consume. You can listen to them on your mobile tablet or whenever you have apps down downloads or stream podcasts


There are plenty of platforms for this. The best known is probably Apple’s itunes. I’m an android user and have pocket casts on my phone which works for me. I subscribe to a number of podcasts and create playlists by theme to listen to according to my mood. Sometimes I want to listen to something light or to a meditation podcast at bedtime, other times I want to learn about business.

If I like something, I ‘star’ it to listen to it again at a later date.

Why I love listening to podcasts

As a busy mum, with little time for myself, to read and to socialise and have interesting conversations with like-minded grown-ups. Podcasts offer me:

  • New perspectives and discoveries
  • Expansion on themes I’m interested in but have a superficial knowledge
  • Flexibility – I can listen to it anywhere, anytime, while driving, resting, tidying up and doing mindless tasks
  • Some of the podcasts bring me so much joy, it feels like having time for myself or like being with good friends, others just bring me comfort

The choice is incredible, and are some really niche podcasts out there.

Coming up…

I subscribe to over 200 podcasts. Many are dormant and have now been replaced by new discoveries. You might say that I need to Marie Kondo my podcast list!

I have a variety of interests but this series for this blog will focus on themes to do with language, Portuguese, arts and social themes. You can expect at least four posts in the next few weeks from me, maybe more… 

Final word

Be open-minded and try different podcasts before you decide it’s not for you. I was aware of the existence of podcasts, and my partner tried to persuade me to listen to them but whenever I heard what he listened to I found it so boring, I was certain it was not for me. Now I wish I had been into it during those first months or having a baby. In those sleepless nights feeding babies I could have used a podcast as a friend.

I hope you like my list, but more importantly, I hope you make your own fantastic discoveries. Don’t forget to share them in the comments below or on our social media accounts.


Quick reference guide to the series

Here are the links to the series as they are published:

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