The Lusophile Series

One of the challenges I found in our bilingual journey was to foster an emotional connection with the minority language and culture. Having been in the UK for so long, surrounded by English 99% of the time, I had forgotten some words and even parts of history and tradition.

This led me to actively seek to connect more with my roots. I research and collate information about Portuguese language, food, culture, traditions, history, random curiosities and travel. Here you will find a little bit of everything related to Portugal and other Portuguese speaking countries so close to my heart, such as Brazil, Angola and Mozambique.

I hope expat parents from the Portuguese diaspora who suffer from the same ‘cultural amnesia’ find it useful to revive their roots and pass that knowledge on to their offspring. Likewise for second generation Portuguese immigrants.

This section is about celebration. Portuguese and the Portuguese speaking world is not very well known and recognised. As I rediscovered my identity, I found a renewed pride in my heritage and wanted to share it with others.

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