Here you will find articles on Portuguese history, traditions, art and culture. And yes… on its achievements and contributions to the world, too. Portugal is a small and timid country, barely promotes itself, seldom appears in the news and is highly misunderstood. I hope this section

  1. inspires Portuguese expats to reconnect and pass on their heritage to their children
  2. elucidates the curious, or downright Lusophile, about the wonders, and also idiosyncracies, of Portugal and Portuguese people.

My head is running wild with ideas and things I want to share with you, so watch this space…


In the meantime…

Take a look at these blog posts:

Brilliant Portuguese women who made history, which is by no means conclusive and will need a sequel and Women in STEM, which focuses on Portuguese women in science.

3 overview of modern Portugal

Did you know…

That Portugal is one of the few countries where women exceed 50% of graduates in STEM subjects, Ahead of countries like the UK, Germany and USA? (source)


OCDE women in STEM report


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Learn more about Portugal

If you have access to BBC iPlayer, BBC 4 recently broadcasted a programme called An Art Lovers Guide: Lisbon. It’s by no means exhaustive – Portugal is one of the oldest nations in Europe, with a long history and complexity, but it certainly offers an introduction to its history and art.

You can buy travel guides and books about Portugal, its culture and cuisine on Amazon.


If you can read in Portuguese, and want to learn more, or simply reconnect with your heritage, Wook is a Portuguese online bookshop that delivers worldwide. Just search in the box below to find what you’re looking for:


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