where to buy Portuguiese language resources for bilingual children

Top places to stock up on Portuguese language resources

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When we visit Portugal, there’s so much choice that I go on a shopping spree for books and other minority language resources. Below I share my top places to stock up on Portuguese language resources in Portugal.

Why stock up? Read this post about why reading is important and this one about what to look for when stocking up.

You can read more about our circumstances here.

Portuguese language resources for bilingual families

Are you a Portuguese speaking expat visiting Portugal? Unless you live in a Portuguese speaking country like Brazil and Angola, you might struggle to find books and other resources for your family.

It can be a challenge to find books in minority languages. Yes, even in London! So, when we visit, we have so much choice that we go on a shopping spree.

In this post I share my top places to stock up.

Can’t travel? Then order online from WOOK (affiliate link)

Cartas de Sons - www.wook.pt

Physical shops

FNAC has a good selection of books and toys for children. It stocks all sorts of books, including from Edicare (see below) as well as toys and games.

Fnac bookshop in Lisbon Portugal

FNAC bookshop in Lisbon Portugal


Didatic is a chain shop for publisher Edicare. Edicare’s books are delightful and the carefully curated toy selection is lovely as well.

Independent bookshops and well-known shops like Bertrand are also a good option.

Supermarkets like Jumbo, Continente e Pingo Doce also offer a wide selection of books for all ages, as well as study manuals and activity books, often at around 10% less of the cover price

Pingo Doce has its own books including a collection of small story books aimed at children ages 2 to 7 years old. Each book comes with a CD and only costs around 3 or 4 euros which is great. We have many books from this collection and I like to keep the CDs in the car to listen when in transit with the girls.


Pingo doce books livros

Pingo Doce books


Continente and Jumbo are hypermarkets and have entire isles dedicated to children’s books, from fiction to school academic workbooks to support. Below is a section of the academic isle.


Study resources section in a local supermarket


May be worth trying Aldi as well. Personally, I’ve not tried it in Portugal, but I know that in the UK Aldi often stocks Write and Wipe and other books at a fraction of the price elsewhere, so it’s worth a shot.


Can’t travel to Portugal? Buy online!

Unfortunately, the selection of books and e-books in other languages when living abroad on Amazon is very limited. Wook (affiliate link) delivers books in Portuguese, French, English and Spanish worldwide.

If you’re based in the UK, Miuda Books also offers a selection of Portuguese language books for UK residents.


Or make do with what’s available…

You don’t have to spend a fortune in books and other resources, especially when the children are still little. Here are some suggestions on how to overcome lack of access to minority language resources by using what’s already available.



where to buy portugues books for bilingual families


What are your favourite ways to source language resources? Share in the comments below or join the discussion on the Mother Tongue Notes Facebook page



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