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Watching Netflix in other languages

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Netflix, the entertainment company specialising in streaming media and video on-demand online, is present in over 190 countries, counting more than 100 million subscribers. Some of the content is available in other languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, German and French.

What languages are available can vary from country to country so the best is to check for yourself. You need to be logged into your account to do this.

How to access films or shows in other languages

  1. Create a children’s profile if you don’t have one already
  2. Go to the search box (this is usually at the top) and type your target language, for example ‘Portuguese’. That will offer you an option to look at shows that have audio available in that language
  3. It will then display all the children’s content available in the chosen language
  4. Any programme selected from that screen will be in the language searched for

If you’re just watching something and want to check if it’s available in another language

  1. Select the programme you want to watch. When it starts, select audio from the bottom. It will show the languages available. It could be just English, three languages or more.
  2. If your target language is a choice, selected it and carry on watching.
  3. If not, just go back by using the back button in your remote

Doing it this way means you have to do it for each individual show. The search by language above is easier and quicker.

Why Netflix?

See my post on how Netflix can help language learning


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